Julia Chou


Continual Growth

I believe it’s important to constantly push myself to learn, change, and grow. I find it incredibly frustrating to look back at myself and see that my life progress and personal development have remained stagnant. I want to keep setting challenges for myself, constantly improve, and recognize and push past any limitations I’ve inherited or placed on myself. Right now, I rather hope that I don’t reach a stage in my life where I feel settled, comfortable, and secure.


It’s so important to have fun and seek out the small joys of everyday life! The times I’ve spent laughing and joking with friends are some of the happiest and most cherished memories I have.


I think it’s best to strive to place myself in an environment that increases the chance of collisions, of having my assumptions challenged, and of being exposed to new and unexpected perspectives. I want to learn new things, try new hobbies, meet new people, and hear new stories. In the process, I find myself constantly re-learning that the world is a truly unpredictable place that doesn’t conform to my expectations.


I value being appreciative, present, and aware. I think it’s counter-productive to allow my thoughts to stray too far into either the past or the future. I want to eliminate meaningless distractions in my life and instead focus on things that add purpose to my life.


I believe that ultimately, there is no meaning to life except in making a positive impact on others. I want to understand, help, and support other people. I want to empower and uplift those around me. I want to build meaningful relationships and truly appreciate moments of human connection. In short, I want to do good, be good, and not be a dick.